Rent a car in Cancun and discover the Incredible Yucatan Peninsula
Rent a car in Cancun and discover the Incredible Yucatan Peninsula

There are only a few places around the world where you can find beautiful beaches, majestic archaeological sites, delicious food, friendly people, varied flora and fauna among many other things to enjoy! Safe roads with international signs will help you drive easy your rental car. There are other options to get around all this places like tours (to expensive and most of the time you end in a “shopping tour” because you spend to much time in shops where tour guides make some commissions. What about Public buses? There are Buses, and Taxis (Cars and Vans), but often you will be waiting for a long time under the sun or taxi drivers increase to much the rates. If you are travelling with a friend or your family renting a car will help you to save money and will be much more comfortable.

Important Traffic Signs
Important Traffic Signs

It is important to note that in the historical center and the first streets of the city box is not allowed to park, this usually is indicated by the yellow band. On some streets you can park overnight from 8:00 pm until 8:00 am, if you park the car in a prohibited area can result in the withdrawal of a license plate and fined. Another source of penalty is:
Not respect crosswalks (yellow stripes on the pavement)
It is important that any violation or traffic accident, to contact the agency in order to be able to advise or assist a company representative.
Some of the most important signs to consider are:
Stop signs
No parking
Travel at slower speeds
One-way movement
School zone
Railroad crossing
Two-way traffic
Turn left
Turn right
Men at work
Speed ​​limit
No up passengers
Do not cross
No U-turn
No entry
No bike

Where I can find a gas station?
Where I can find a gas station?

You can find most of the outlets and the center of the city. All stations of Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo are the company PEMEX, as are those of the entire Mexican Republic. You can recognize Pemex logo and symbol type. Logo: The group of letters, abbreviations or finishes that are used as distinctive of a specific concept. Pemex logo stems from the continuity of pre-Hispanic frets. Symbol: A drop of oil as a representative of the Oil Industry and the profile of an eagle as a national element. Both components are superimposed, thus forming the drop-eagle symbol.

Add to your rental car
$5 usd per day
GPS Rental Services

Colonial Cities and other buildings that show the architecture, the grandeur and wealth? Ca Colonial. Valladolid, Izamal, Merida (the "White City") and Campeche ("the walled city and fortress"), among others, offer the visitor treasures. Do not miss the opportunity to know and enjoy this and most of the Yucatan Peninsula has to offer.

Your Welcome at Cancun International AIrport
Your Welcome at Cancun International AIrport

By the time you arrive at the air-port Cancun International, a member of our team will welcome you with a sign with your name welcoming, this person indicated on receipt will be waiting in that room where you got off his plane, will take your luggage, we addressed in a car of our company and will bring to our offices to make the appropriate arrangements.

Pay Road or Highway Cancun
Pay Road or Highway Cancun

Paying for road or take the motorway in Cancun
There are two ways to get to Cancun are:
The free road and the toll road, the distance between the two to Cancun is the same except that the difference is that the toll road will cost $ 141.00 the first building and the second house has a cost of $ 240.00, the first building you leaves near Chichen Itza and the second house is a direct to Cancun. One advantage of the toll road is that it offers more security and less traffic and arrive in Cancun in less time because it bypasses the villages that exist along the road.
Now let's talk about the free road.
This road has no fee to pay, but when there is more free traffic and passed by the people who are on their way to Cancun.
Note that both roads are monitored by the federal highway police and both offered roadside assistance services, any of these roads will take you to your destination safe, if you want to go as soon as possible to Cancun are advised to take the toll road, but if you want to know the villages near Cancun, the free road would be the perfect choice.

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